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Sheila And Ronald | 7.25.15

Cindy is AWESOME, I don't think I have ever met anyone like her. She is efficient, effective, and makes your dream become a reality. From the beginning, she got to know us on a personal level. She was able to see what kind of couple we are and she made sure our relationship shinned throughout the wedding. She is so very organized, without her I would have missed lots of important details. She gave me deadlines to make sure I didn't stress as the wedding came near. My husband and I had the MOST FUN day ever!!! She kept everyone organized and ready. If there was something I wanted, she made sure it happened. She was very good at painting the picture for me too. If there were ideas, she would show us what that would look like and if it was feasible. She was our expert and I trusted her wholeheartedly. She let us know what to expect and got us ready for the tough moments, like when all 300 guests want to take pictures with us in only 20 minutes at the chapel! She organized us and THEM. Poor Cindy had a really tough time with our reception venue, the management was mean and rude to her. She trucked on with a smile and made sure WE were happy. Not until days after the wedding we found out, we would have never known. She made our night perfect, she made sure we kept with our timeline (we actually finished the program 15 min early!!! that's how good she is!) We didn't miss a beat, we ate, we drank, we socialized, and danced the night away all thanks to her. Our venue decor was perfect and she knew exactly what to do. Whatever hiccups there were, my husband and I knew nothing about them, that's how good she is! Guests who did not RSVP were seated as if there were no issues. Our guests also liked to move around their assigned seats, and she worked with them without any issues. We also hired her husband as our photographer, and the duo is perfect. Having our wedding planned and documented alongside a, truly, in love couple was the cherry on top for us. Our wedding was perfect thanks to Cindy.

Martella + Joseph | 11.8.14

Photo by:  grace havlak

Photo by: grace havlak

It didn't take me long into my initial meeting with Cindy to decide that she was just the gal to help me coordinate my wedding. She more than exceeded every expectation and my husband and I couldn't be more happy with our experience. Not only is she incredibly thoughtful and detail oriented, but the worksheet she provides really makes the process of planning less daunting. Cindy was so dedicated to helping us make our wedding special and even brainstormed with us for more than 3 hours during an in-home meeting a few weeks before the wedding. It was the day of the wedding that Cindy really shined. From setting up all of the wedding decor, preparing and coaching the wedding entourage, remaining cool and collected as we puzzled through a few uninvited wedding guests and all of the millions of things behind the scenes that I'm sure I'll never know about - she never stopped. Her skills didn't go unnoticed either and I heard a lot of praise for her throughout the night. My bridal part definitely became believers of Cindy's greatness and a few of them left that night with her contact information. Cindy even gave us a helpful list of must-dos for our honeymoon in Hawaii. My husband and I are so happy to have worked with Cindy and are so grateful for all her efforts to make our wedding day so unforgettable!

Kaydee + Jigar | 8.9.14



My fiancé and I hired Cindy for our wedding and could not be happier with the service she provided. We had a traditional Hindu ceremony with a ton of moving parts and really needed someone to help us stay on track. Although we were a little hesitant at first about hiring someone who had never coordinated an Indian wedding, we felt very reassured after our first meeting with Cindy. She was very professional, organized, and made us feel taken care of throughout the entire planning process. My fiancé and I did our best to prepare to make Cindy's job easy as possible, but like most weddings, things went wrong. Cindy was well-organized and prepared and was able to handle everything gracefully. There were a few problems with our vendors, but my fiancé and I were not even aware of the problems until the next day. Cindy really shielded us from the havoc that was occurring and did such an awesome job to make our day extra special. Cindy not only works very hard at what she does, but also made it a point to create a relationship with us as well. My fiancé and I felt so happy to have her a part of our wedding day that we were sad when we had to say goodbye. You know you've hired someone special when you're able to create a friendship with them as well. Our family and friends were also very impressed by Cindy's diligence and dedication to our event. She went above and beyond what we had asked of her and she succeeded in making our day memorable. With that said, I would recommend Cindy to anyone looking for a coordinator. Her outstanding attention to detail and level of organization will make any event a success. Overall she is an awesome person in general and you won't regret hiring her!