Why should I hire a wedding planner or day-of coordinator?   

Bride's Biggest Regrets: "I would've hired a day-of coordinator" | if you want to enjoy the day without worrying about all the behind-the-scenes details or last-minute glitches, make hiring day-of help a priority. The peace of mind you gain is well worth every penny you'll spend!  - theknot.com

A bride planning her wedding is completely different than planning THE wedding.  Don't let your sister or cousin who just got married plan your wedding.  Being a former bride doesn't make you an expert in planning weddings.  Two months before your wedding is when all of your vendors, logistics, floor plans, details, ideas, and vision must be all coordinated into one smooth and strategically planned day-of timeline.  Having a professional handle all the logistics, vendor issues, management and coordination of the venue, staff, family, guests, wedding party, making executive decisions and knowing every detail of the wedding are crucial to a well-planned day-of.  

You have invested so much money in all of your other vendors, why wouldn't you hire a professional planner to coordinate and execute?  Hiring a planner or coordinator is the best investment out of all your vendors because they are there by your side from the day you hire them, not just for 6 hours.  They are full of information, resources, and an outlet if you need to vent or have issues with any part of your planning.  

My venue provides a coordinator why do I need to hire a day-of planner/coordinator?

A venue coordinator will assist in the venue coordination of your event, but will not perform the duties of a wedding coordinator.  A Day-of Planner/Coordinator will plan your entire day from the moment you wake-up until the breakdown of your event.   The hours and logistics before your Ceremony are the most important to have well-planned to ensure enough time is allowed for getting ready, photos, and travel.  Vendors also prefer to have a professional planner/coordinator as their contact.  Somebody who knows all the details of your wedding so any questions or issues can be answered accordingly prior to your event and on the event day and handled professionally.  A venue coordinator is not responsible for handling the day-of planning for your event. 

Why do I need a consultation?

 It's important to meet any of your vendors before you book them.  You are investing a lot of money into your wedding and want to make sure you ask all the necessary questions, feel comfortable with their personality and character, and learn more about what they have to offer.  

During our consultation I will ask you questions to give me (and you) a better idea of what your day might look like.  I will ask you questions that you may not know to think of as you plan your day.  You may not have a lot of information, but I will give you a glimpse into your day and the things you may need to consider as you continue looking for vendors.  For example, you may have booked your photographer for 8 hours of coverage.   With a few questions I can let you know if 8 hours is enough for your entire day.  A detailed timeline is crucial to making your vendors coverage work, especially if you have already booked them and are on a tight budget.  I will go over with you my timeline structure, the floor plans I create, and review everything I offer in my packages.

What are your payment options? 

I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your date.  The remaining 50% payment is due 30 days before the event day.  I accept bank transfer or credit cards paid via the Honeybook booking portal.