Our Ever After package was created after many of our couples booked our planner+photographer Two Carat package, and ultimately added Design with my lead planner, Ji Kim-Fung (www.jkdesigncal.com).  All in all this package makes sense.  This package is essentially our Two Carat Package with Design added on.  With me as your planner, my husband as your photographer, and Ji as your Design extraordinaire - you will have all of your logistical and design details beautifully and cohesively covered.  As your planners we manage and will know the latest updates and changes to guest count in real time, as your designer Ji can then make any last minute adjustments to seating charts or escort cards accordingly (given there is enough time), and as your photographer Oliver will capture these amazing details that will tie in the look and feel of your wedding along with your amazing portraits. 

With the Ever After package your planning, photography, and everything from your Save-the-Dates to your Thank you cards will be taken care of.  Below are just  a few samples from weddings that we have planned, photographed, and designed.

Christine and Sam Wedding 0311.jpg
Christine and Sam Wedding 0633.jpg
Christine and Sam Wedding 0305.jpg
Erika and Nick Wedding 0750.jpg
Erika and Nick Wedding 0539.jpg
Erika and Nick Wedding 0529.jpg